Bottles and Ciggs

Spring, 2007

Two pieces here.. the first are the bottles you see on left side of the photo below. The second is the large piece on the right hanging above the television.

For an idea of the scale of these projects, the ceilings are about 16 feet tall and the television you see there is a 60 inch diagonal.


Empty wine bottles suspended with 3 nails each (2 under the fat end and one inside the neck of the empty end). The boards between the bottles are sticking 4" inches out of the wall.


The photographic material for this piece is a photo taken in 1997. Jill and Neal were looking for a ciggerette lighter when I snapped the shot. They arent actually near each other, but it sure looked funny.

The piece consists of a large red frame made of plexiglass on top of a fabric covered layer of cardboard. The photo was blown up using custom software and printed on borderless cardstock. Each part of the photo is sandwiched between two thin sheets of plastic and held together at the corners with common black office clips (with the metal arms removed). Each piece is glued onto the fabric backing, 2 inches away from all other pieces.

The "ciggs" work came down due to humidity in mid 2008.