Bedside Table

The body is made of steel, the top is stainless steeel. Welds are MIG, and the finish is done with grinder and orbital sander.

Project took about 6 hours to build, about 5 minutes to design.

This piece is just a sheet of stainless steel on top of a cube made of steel rods.

I first made a cube using 12 rods. Except, 4 of the rods were slightly longer than the other rods. These 4 would act as the vertical rods in the table and the slightly longer length is how large the feet would be.

4 of these rods were clamped down and MIG welded together into a square. This was repeated for another 4 rods. Then two the squares were attached to each other using the 4 slightly longer rods. This made the legs portion.

The top sheet is just a piece of stainless steel. The sheet was welded on to the top square using 4 welds in each of the square's corners and 4 more welds at the halfway point of each side of the square.

The finish is just a grinding disc gently grinding against all surfaces. The top sheet's finish is a grinding disc pressing against the smooth sheet in a random pattern. After that, it was polished with a softer cloth disc.

The entire thing was cleaned and now it's in my bedroom next to my bed!