The goal is to have a device that can fit under the skin, with lights bright
enough to shine through skin and have them be decipherable.

Programmability of this device would be a huge plus if reprogramming could be
done without opening the skin. Having a clock in this device would be
neccessary so it can function as a watch. It doesn't need to be an accurate
clock (meaning it could beat slowly) as long as it was easy to set the time --
I could use ntpdate or something on myself ever day or two.

I was thinking IButton running JavaCard or something similar. You can get
IButtons with real time clocks too.

LEDs can be green, blue, red, or whatever is most effcient and easy to read.

Power must last around 2 years minimum, and more like 4 is preferable. Large
batteries are not nice and any battery must be coated with something so in case
it does leak, it doesnt leak under the skin!

Coating the entire device in a solid that is non-toxic is also required. Right
now a possible solution is Lexan, made by GE (I think). Its super light and stronger
than steel. To my best understanding this is non toxic, but this needs to be
researched. Virgin (non-recycled) Teflon would be sooo much better, but as far
as I know, its not clear, its white. Virgin Teflon has been implanted many
times in the past and has proven to be very safe. I'm not quite sure how
powerful Teflon would be against a battery leak however.

Power can be done in many ways, ideas so far are:
  - put battery inside
  - put battery outside and connect via wires to inside (not preferable and
    implanter doesnt like to do this since it doesnt heal)
  - put small battery on inside and charge it somehow, via inductance or some
    single contact that can be fully contained in something non toxic yet still
    conduct electricity. (most probable idea)
  - how about things like kinetics like those seiko watches? can you get enough
    power from those to power this? (seems as if the answer is no)

The thinner the device, the better. Maybe 8mm could be max height, after
coating. A device about 1 inch wide and 2-3 inches long would be perfect for
the inner wrist.