Phillips IS2630


SA-1100 100mhz StrongArm CPU
7.7" 640x480x8 VGA Touchscreen LCD
Wireless keyboard
Console port
Upgradable RAM (currently: 16 megs, max: 32 megs)
2 3.3v Type II PCMCIA slots (exposed)
Comes running with Inferno

This phone is now running linux. With help from Chris Zimman and the TuxScreen Project, I was able to get Linux running on this phone. We used the JTAG method as described on the TuxScreen pages to reflash the flash.

I'm working on making it useful now.

More coming later...

most of this information is obsoleted by the TuxScreen project.

Information from taking it apart

The smaller of the ribbon cables goes to the speaker phone. The larger probably goes to the lcd, and the really thin ribbon cable is probably for the touchpad.

There are 2 parts to motherboard, seperated by a large rf shield. The bottom part has the PCMCIA slots, the cpu, and the ram, which appears to be a standard , but obsolete, Micron SODIMM module docs available in PDF format here.

The board under the RF shield box that is soldered on has a label that says "shannon mongoose". Larry Shannon rides BMX bikes for team Mongoose -- coincidence?. This is the lucent DSP for the voice functionality of the phone.

The main board says 'shannon main rev e issue 3' in the lower right hand corner.

Information from booting up with console

right when you power it on, hold down the ESCAPE key. it will complain and tell you to release keys eventully. let go and it'll ask you if you want to boot up in normal mode or not. you do not of course, but don't hit enter! instead, hit control-D (^D). this will reset the timer on the bottom, and turn off auto boot. i have noticed that since the flash is protected, it won't actually turn off autoboot. instead, you should now try to hit ^P. this will drop you to the inferno boot manager!

We noticed that the flash type is an AMD AM29LV160BB. This was said after you hit enter when it asks for maintainence mode boot. contains the manual for inferno. section 10, "Implemenation", contains sboot and styxmon man pages. sboot is the bootstrap program for the SA1100 (the StrongArm processor in this phone).

There are ways to copy files around, but we can't figure out how to copy files from the outside world to the flash. if we could do that, we could possibly stick a linux kernel on there and attempt to boot it. The pcmcia slots are not recognized by the bootstrap program, and putting a flash card into one of the slots doesnt allow you to access it.

One idea is the debugger port. You can redirect stdin to the serial line, and possibly copy a file from stdin to the flash. using the serial line and another computer to upload a file, we could upload a kernel.. maybe?

here are some pics of the output from various commands on the boot strap program:

here is a page i found out there on the same chip, newer bootloader.

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