C++ symbol demangler for MSVC++

Gnu g++ has c++filt. This is the same thing for MS VC++.

Input mangled names into stdin of this program and out comes pretty c++ names.

Original data

Filtered data
public: static class FilterFactory * __cdecl FilterFactory::instance(void)
public: class Filter * __thiscall FilterFactory::create(char const *)
public: void __thiscall Filter::set_gui_id(char const *)
public: void __thiscall Filter::set_name(char const *)
public: void __thiscall Filter::set_type(char const *)
public: void __thiscall Filter::set_description(char const *)
public: void __thiscall Filter::set_graph_pos(int,int)
void __cdecl tracks_new_segment(class Filter *,class FilterSegment *)

Download the executable here

Download the source here