What is it?

Pyroball is an event where a group of people go out to an isolated road in the desert or to any isolated location far from others and throw around tennis balls, rags, and other things soaked in rubbing alcohol and set on fire. Pictures are often taken and a few times, a video camera has been used.

We started out playing in Albuquerque, where I grew up, because we there isn't much to do in Albuquerque. There were a lot of isolated areas around town where people (including police) wouldn't really bother us as well. Albuquerque was the most ideal place I've played at.

The original games started out with only tennis balls and playing a simple "hot potato" type game. During a really cold night, there was sleet and rain falling, our fire kept going out (it was normally just tissues in alcohol in a Burger King or McDonald's large drink cup. One of the players donated their socks to keep the fire going. At the end of the game, we just tossed the sock around a bit. Thus began the first progression away from tennis balls.

The next game, we brought rags and washcloths. They were really fun. The items got bigger as the games went on.. small towels, shirts, pants, full towels, beach towels, etc... As the games went on, more people came as well.. It started out with 2-4 people. Games eventually got to be as large 30-40 people.

Note, this is not the same thing as playing with fire pois, chains, whatever.. That's playing near fire, which is not even close to playing with it. There are often times we play with just our hands.. pouring alcohol on arms/hands and lighting them on fire.. as long as the alcohol is diluted enough and you keep rubbing your hands, it won't hurt that bad!


There are a few pictures here from some games we've played in the past. I've probably taken place in over a hundred games, but only a few had photos taken at them. I haven't played since around late 2000.

Summer, 1995.
This session was one of the first games that photographed really well.

August, 2000
These were taken with a digital camera and also turned out nicely.

Everyone should play!

If anyone out there has actually played Pyroball or something similar, send me some email.

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