This is, well, an infiniti sign.

This is what happens when you set click beetles on fire.

What the game was named after -- tennis balls.

It's the newest rage at birthday parties! Juggling pyroballs!

Whatever you do, don't upset the fire demon!

Some flaming dog-thing is about to bite that guy's head off. I hate when that happens.

"Aigh! Quick, put me out! Put me out!"

"Damn fire rings! They scare off the cattle."

There are two cats and two dogs in this picture. If you don't see them, you're crazy.

This is where we all gathered around and lit the guy in the bird suit.

The raging inferno, created by a lot of flying towels, a few brave people, and a creative photographer :-)

Fire fountains!

Did you know that fire can fly all by itself?

Great balls of fire!

Beleive it or not, that's Papa Smurf that's burning.

...and up from the depths of Hell rose....Nirva.

Find the dinosaur in this fire.

In the begining, God created fire. He saw the fire, and that it was good.

We decided it would be fun to light some butterflies...

Lookie that! FIRE!

The first towel...

Pillars of fire surround an unsuspecting victim.

The fire demon (seahorse) raises from the ground.

Twistsy bread fire!
Rotate your head 45 degrees and find the two people playing catch with a PyroTowel.

Rollin rollin rollin, keep that fire rollin...

Ummm.. umm.... is this fire too?

"All hail the Fire God!"

There's a chicken hidden in this picture.

Sprouting flowers!

No, those aren't PyroBall victims on the ground.

Ever lit a sneeze? It probably would look like this.

Rings! Rings! Rings!